Why Network?

Networking is a great way to get the personality of your business across and when done well you will reap the benefits.

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We have prepared our 5 top tips for success:

  • Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself – everyone is nervous on their first time, but it’s all about taking the plunge. (At Networking @ Dunstable we understand the pressures of this – which is why we have a buddy system for newbies)
  • Nail your 30 seconds – plan your 30 seconds, make sure you squeeze in who you are and what you do, plus ask for something e.g. an introduction to Whitbread HR department. Remember it’s not just about the people in the room.
  • Get to know people – The meetings only last a couple of hours, so if there is someone you think you could work with why not organise a one to one after the meeting?
  • Remember people’s names – when someone introduces themselves try and use their name at least 3 times in your conversation e.g. “great to meet you Vicki, and what is it you do?” This is a memory trick which could come in handy.
  • Have fun – Let people see the real you, remember people buy from people.

At Networking @ Dunstable we always want to ensure our members get the most out of our meetings so why not speak to one of the team about coming along.

Remember, you’ve got to Network to get work!